Standardised Expanded Track Set (SETS)


The Standardised Expanded Track Set or SETS for short is a fork of SUKTS, the Standardised UK Track Set. The main difference between SUKTS and SETS is that SETS has support for multible voltages of electrified track. Due to the large selection of tracks avaliable in SETS it has been split up to into multible independent NewGRF files, you can read more about each of them below.

All the tracks of both Newgrfs can not be enabled at once!!! it may therefore be worth considering what tracks you will actually need. This is due to the OpenTTD game limitation of 64 railtypes.



Preset:The presets do by default get used when a supported trainset is loaded. If you want to avoid this you can set the preset parameter to either manual or a specific one. See the specific NewGRF for the selection.
Wide ballast:Toggles between full tile tracks and regular ones.
Custom tunnel entrances:This set has tunnel graphics turn them of if you don't like them.
Modern signal type:How many signal aspects do you want? Requires jgrpp to function.
Fence graphics:What tracks should have fences, all, none or somewhere inbetween?
Depot graphics:Currently there is only onw type regardless of what this is set to, but it can dissable them entirely allow you to use another NewGRF.
Construction costs:Basecost modifier of construction costs.
Speed limits:The speed limit of said track in km/h, some rounding errors are to be expected.
Hide multi-voltage tracks:Allows you to hide the multi-voltage tracks incase you don't want them to clutter the list.
Disable tracks:You may not want the entire selection so you can turn some of with these, may lead to some trains not being on the right tracks.
Disable multi-voltage tracks:These tracks are only needed when some trainsets are used and can therefore be disabled saving railtypes.
Disable the invisible track:Saves one railtype slot out of 64, this track serves no gameplay purpose.
Allow dual-electrified trains to traverse:Should trains capable of using OHLE and 3rd rail electrification be allowed to run under this voltage?
Metro track:This parameter decides where trains defined for the MTRO and IHC_ railtypes will show up. Not avaliable in the narrow gauge NewGRF
Decorative industrial tracks:Enables the industrial tracks at the cost of many precious railtype slots.

SETS: Standard Gauge

Three tracks per type avaliable.

  • xUSSR Rails, see below
  • Scandinavia
  • Benelux
  • Dach
  • US

SETS: Narrow Gauge

Two tracks per type avaliable. Works well with SUKTS if you want to use them together.

  • xUSSR Rails, see below
  • Scandinavia

SETS and xUSSR Rails compatibility

SETS and xUSSR Rails have both been made so that they will work together and provide as large of a selection as possible of tracks. This does however require a bit of setup, SETS will when in the automatic preset make sure to set it self up so that enough space for the xUSSR Rail tracks. XUSSR Rails does on the otherhand need some tweaking, the electrification parameter has to be set to "Short" and the gauge has to be "Broad". This is not the only way of using the sets together but it is the "official" one.

Bugs and feedback

Feel free to write your thoughts about the set over on TT-Forums. Bugs should however ideally be reported over in the issues section of the github repository.


In order to compile the set you will need:

  • Python 3.2 or newer, get it here.
  • Python image library
  • Ply
  • The jgrpp version of NML which you can get here.
  • The source code

On windows run pybuild_standard.bat to compile the standard gauge NewGRF and pybuild_narrow.bat for the narrow gauge NewGRF. Compiling has only been tried on windows but it should be possible to do on any platform albeit somewhat more annoying without the batch files. The nml_patcher script will have to be ran before nmlc.


  • Discord: brickblock1.9280
  • TT-Forums: Brickblock1

Licence and Credit:

SETS and this accompanying website are both licenced under GPLv2.